• 主要有远见的

    Rachel is an educator, speaker, consultant, author of multiple books including 建立以自然为本的幼儿园, Preschool Beyond Walls: Blending Early Childhood Education and Nature-Based Learning, Evaluating Natureness: Measuring the Quality of Nature-based Classrooms in Pre-k Through 3rd Grade. Her passion and expertise is intentional integration of nature into early childhood education for young children’s whole development.

    在成立萨马拉早教之前, Rachel founded one of the nation’s earliest nature-based preschools at Chippewa Nature Center (CNC) in Midland, MI. 的 creation of the preschool in 2007 was part of her 15-year tenure as the Director of Education. 她继续担任该项目的主任,直到2016年, 在她离开时, the program served 140 children each year through public and private funding sources. In her tenure at CNC she also co-chaired the Nature Center’s $6 million capital expansion project, 哪一个是在2010年完成的. 的 expansion included an approximately 5,000 square foot LEED Gold Certified preschool building. 在CNC工作期间, Rachel led the creation of a partnership 与 Bullock Creek Schools to create a nature-based kindergarten and first grade 与in the public school system.

    瑞秋获得了博士学位.D. from Michigan State University’s Department of Teacher Education; a M.A. in Park and Recreation Administration from Central Michigan University; and a B.S. 自然资源、娱乐和旅游, 强调解释, 科罗拉多州立大学. Rachel has been recognized for her work by various organizations including the National Association for Interpretation Region 4’s in 2012 与 the “Master Interpretive Manager” recognition; First State Bank’s “RUBY Award” in 2013 for professionals under the age of 40; and Exchange Magazine in 2015 与 the “Promising Early Care and Education Leader” award. 想了解更多关于瑞秋的信息,请访问 www.rachel-larimore.com.

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  • 原则随身小折刀

    Jane was born-and-raised in Ohio and is now living in Michigan (We know... 尽管如此,她还是很棒的!) As a single mother of two active kiddos and one puppy she is busy at baseline. 但这正是她茁壮成长的地方. She is a tea lover, workout enthusiast, obsessed 与 organization. Despite a beginning in biochemical research, she has found her passion in small business. 她帮助发展和建立了一家在线电子商务公司, 但当每周60多个小时的工作让她经常离开孩子时, 她转动的. Now she uses her years of experience in operating and growing a business, 为其他企业主服务, 并帮助他们也这样做. 这就是萨马拉的作用,她帮助我们完成一切. 的. 的事情. 她愉快地戴上了所有的帽子. 而且,她是我们实现梦想的人. 这就是为什么她是我们珍爱的小刀!

  • 顾问

    大卫·卡特林’s work 与 萨马拉早期教育 primarily focuses on administrative aspects of nature-based early childhood education—particularly related to business planning and issues around operations. He and Rachel began working together in 2014 to provide business planning support to organizations and individuals looking to start their own nature-based preschool.  

    David has devoted his 35-year-long professional career to the nature center and environmental learning center field. He started 与 degrees in environmental education and interpretation. 之后,他在密苏里州自然保护部工作了16年, helping to plan and launch the agency’s nature center network for six years and later running its Springfield Conservation Nature Center for a decade. 2000年,他与国家奥杜邦协会签约. 15年来, his responsibilities there included supporting the organization’s national network of over 40 centers and overseeing the start-up of 16 new facilities across the country—evaluating sites, 促进战略和业务规划, 选择建筑师和展览设计团队, 培训员工, serving as an in-house resource for problem-solving and question-answering. 自2015年以来,他为美国各地的自然中心做了类似的工作.S. 通过他的公司大卫·卡特林咨询有限责任公司. He has also worked as a writer, speaker, capital campaign counsel. 你可以在www上了解更多关于大卫和他最近的工作.davidcatlin.com.

  • 欢乐总监

    汉克 is a German Shorthaired Pointer (“GSP”) who loves to spend time outdoors and napping on the couch. He particularly enjoys pointing birds, keeping squirrels in line, chasing shadows. 事实上, he is a shadow connoisseur who can easily distinguish between a butterfly or bird flying overhead rather than a human trying to trick him.

    汉克从萨马拉早教成立之初就一直在, 像其他SEL团队成员一样, 对基于自然的游戏有热情. His primary responsibility on the team is reminding everyone that life is too important to be taken seriously and we should find moments of joy as often as possible. 事实上, he has an incredible knack for calculating 60 minutes and reminding his mom (our 主要有远见的, Rachel Larimore) it is time for the meeting to end and go have some fun. 也许是扔飞盘的休息时间?! 或者一个吱吱叫的玩具?!



→ “主要有远见的” because someone in the organization must stay focused on the overall purpose, 或者为什么, 所做的功. 灵感来自于 西蒙Sinek.

→ “原则随身小折刀” because she’s our go-to-person to make things happen. 所有. 的. 的事情.

→ “欢乐总监” because someone needs to remind us life is too important to be taken seriously